2022 Summit on Rural Youth Engagement

How can we engage our rural youth in community?

In May 2022, COIC held its first ever Summit on Rural Youth Engagement! This event was filled with speakers from all over the country and around Central Oregon who lead innovative youth projects in their communities. These organizations included: Heart of Oregon Corps, Independence Makerspace, Network Kansas, Growing Up Boulder, Polk County CSC, Youth CareerConnect and COIC Youth Compass. Passionate and devoted individuals from these organizations discussed youth entrepreneurship, youth infrastructure & participatory planning, and paid skill building & mentorship.

2021 COIC Funding & Grantwriting Workshop

In April 2021 COIC offered our first Funding & Grantwriting Workshop, designed to help rural Central Oregon non-profit organizations, special districts, and local government partners improve their knowledge and skills in finding funding and writing grants to help fulfill their missions.

The workshop was led by local grant writing experts Rebecca Tatum and Teresa Hogue, with special guest Paul Adams. The workshop was four days total, with the fourth and final day consisting of one-on-one sessions for individual participants.

Day 1: How to Know if Your Project is Ready for Funding
Day 2: Needs-based Project and Proposal Planning (including budgeting!)
Day 3: How to Partner with Funders

To extend the reach and impact of this training, COIC has made most of the content of this workshop available for free! Click below to take all three sessions virtually, and follow along with the included class materials to get the most out of your participation. If you find it valuable, please share with your friends and networks too!

Day 1

How do you know if your project is ready for funding?

On the first day of the workshop, we focused on networking with other participants and experts, and learning how to find and review different funding sources: foundations, corporate, and government. Then, we walked through a “checklist” to help you know if your project is ready for funding, and how to match your project needs to available and future funding opportunities.

Review all Day 1 materials by clicking the links below. Watch the video to take the Day 1 workshop virtually!

Day 2

Needs-based project and proposal planning

In this second session, participants learn how to build a strong proposal (narrative, budgets, and common attachments). Then, get some practice and new perspective by participating in a practice grant review committee to see how funders evaluate proposals!

All Day 2 materials linked below. Watch the video and use the materials to participate in this session on your own time!

Day 3

Sector-Specific Insights: How to Partner with Funders

In this third and final session, join regional experts and grant-makers to learn: what do funders want to know? Practice contacting and working with funders to match their interests with your projects. Guests include experts and grantmakers focused on travel/recreation, arts and culture, basic needs (food & shelter), human services (education), rural development, and community facilities.

There are no written materials for Day 3. Watch the video to experience this session!


Training & Grant Opportunities
Oregon Main Street Board Institute: Multiple dates throughout February, 2022. Registration is required:

Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant:

AARP Community Challenge Grant:
T-Mobile Hometown Grants: 
Oregon Community Foundation Community Grants:
Free Grant Writing Support Resources for Central Oregon Non-profits:

  • COIC is offering free grant-writing support for rural organizations through June, 2022. Contact Us to learn more!
  • The Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) is also offering free grant writing support for organizations and projects that meaningfully impact any state measure of the Regional Health Improvement Plan. Email COHC to learn more.