About COIC’s
Rural Community Building Program

Central Oregon is growing fast, and the communities that populate our region are unique and dynamic. As all Central Oregonians grapple with change and growth, new community members are moving here, excited to contribute and ready to share new perspectives. Rural community and economic development is at the core of COIC’s mission, but we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach. The Central Oregon Rural Community Building Program is designed to support local community members to identify their own goals, design their own projects, and develop new connections to partners and resources to bring their visions to life. We believe that community-led action is impactful, sustainable, and inspiring. Over time, this type of grassroots collaboration can lead to a culture of community building that will help rural communities thrive well into the future.

Get Started

Go Deeper

Ready to dig in, and eager for some help? COIC offers technical assistance for local projects, including:

  • Project & meeting facilitation/coordination
  • Resource development & grant writing
  • Data collection
  • Community outreach training & techniques
  • Strategic planning, land-use planning & site planning for new community infrastructure
  • Non-profit and for-profit financial literacy, budgeting & business planning
  • Community needs assessments & feasibility studies
  • Collaboration and collective impact training

Every community builder group that receives technical assistance support is also introduced to Rural Community Building Evaluation & Assessment tools, including the Community Growth Matrix and “4Cs”, developed by the Ford Family Foundation’s Institute for Community Building. These tools can help your project or organization understand your strengths and assets, document your impact, and share your successes with future partners and funders.

Our Partners & Funders

COIC is proud to partner with the Ford Family Foundation Institute for Community Building on this program. Other funding has been provided by the Meyer Memorial Trust, the Economic Development Administration (EDA), USDA’s Rural Community Development Initiative, and Crook and Jefferson Counties.

The Ford Family Foundation
The Ford Family Foundation

COIC is The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, established as a regional Council of Governments in 1972. COIC serves Central Oregon through a wide variety of programs, including Cascades East Transit (CET), Adult and Youth Workforce Programs, GED and Alternative Education Programs, and many other programs within the Community & Economic Development department. To learn more about COIC, please visit www.coic.org.